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 Dear Families,


A question we hear often throughout this season is, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Well, it might be a toy, sweater, game or a new car; maybe something more poignant like a job, good health, or more time for family and friends.  God invites us and our families to set our sights on something higher – to seek nothing less than the peace on earth, as announced by angels at the birth of Jesus.



During the Advent season we have the perfect opportunity to strive to create: 


1) A PEACEFUL PACE.  Wow, can we actually even imagine a peaceful pace, life seems so full with so much to do. But NO, this is not what God really calls us to. What if, what if, we took a leap and slashed a couple of activities and filled the   resulting holes with a weekday Mass, scripture reading or even an hour of cuddle time with an enlightening book of bible stories. Could the family become as committed to this new activity, as they are to other weekly commitments?

2) PEACE WITH GOD.  What would it take to get right with God; a serious       accident, a life threatening illness? Would it take a brush with death to give     urgency to our prayers?  We are called to speak to God daily, share our thoughts, joys and needs. Sometime with thoughts, spoken words or by writing a journal to communicate, speak to God and find peace with Him. 

3) PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER.  St. Francis of Assisi said, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” We can be messengers of peace to all we know. We can bring peace to others by saying kind words, offering prayers, giving gifts large or small, touching a hand or a heart and offering service to those in need.

You can’t guarantee that no one will give you oven mitts, an ugly tie, funny pants or some other odd gift. But no matter what you find under the tree, you’ll find the right gift in your heart if you’ve made peace your Christmas theme.

I wish every adult and child a holy, happy Christmas full of peace, love and joy. You have all become my family and I feel blessed to be at peace with you.

Sincerely yours in Christ, 

Mrs. M. Chabluk