ClassroomEvents Notes






Teacher:  Ms Stasiewicz




Welcome back to another school year.  Hopefully everyone is well rested and ready for a new year at Holy Ghost. 


In grade 2 there will be a number of new things for the students to experience.  This will be their first year to have their own desk.  We call it their “home away from home”.


This will also be the first year to use a Spelling textbook.  It will be an adjustment at first but one that they will get used to.  The students will be required to write the daily spelling questions in their scribbler and take it for homework, if the assignment is not finished during the schoolday.


The children will be changing for gym this year.  They should wear the purchased t-shirt and shorts.  They could also bring a pair of socks for gym class.  Please label all the gym clothes as well as the school uniform.  It would be wise to check the labels from time to time.  The names wash out and sometimes the children mistakenly put on someone else’s clothes after gym class. We have had gym four times and have already had some problems with clothes getting mixed up.


I will be in touch with parents during the year regarding other information, when necessary.


I look forward to teaching your children this year and having them experience and learn new and interesting things.


General Information


Term Outline

- Information regarding the concepts we will be covering in each term will

be made available during each term. Parents can use this information to  help their children with their learning.



- Homework is usually the unfinished spelling assignment for the day.

- Please check your child’s Homework and Message folder for any other homework or notes and messages. 

- Parents can also provide homework by having their child do extra reading,   phonics, or math, based on the concepts outlined for the term.



- Spelling unit tests are every Monday. 

- Notes will be sent home informing parents about other tests.



- Evaluation consists of student performance in daily work and on tests.


Support Work

- The Home Reading program begins in November.

- Students having difficulty in an area will be asked to do extra work at home.


Physical Education

- The students will be changing into gym clothes this year.  Please label the

   gym bag as well as the shorts and shirt.

- Gym bags can be brought home every Friday for washing.