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It's amazing how quickly time flies when you are an adult.  When you are a child you continually think time goes so slow...summer vacation may never come.  Now that I am a principal, I could only wish to slow time down.  If I could only lower the toe of my shoe and slide this fast ride to a halt.  I would just like to savor the moments a little longer, to reflect a little longer, to hold onto those little snaggle-tooth kindergartners a little longer.  I guess the best part of being a principal it that there is a new group that will arrive next year. 


I bid our community farewell as I have been offered a principal position at another school for this upcoming fall. I will be moving on to St. Boniface Diocesan High School for the 2016-2017 school year. I am very excited about this opportunity and the new challenges that will come with it. That being said, it is very difficult to leave such a wonderful school community. I would like to thank everyone for the support that I have received over the past 3 years as principal. One of our real strengths at Holy Ghost School is our staff. Our teachers and support staff are second to none. They are experienced, professional and caring. I have learned a lot from them during my time here and will take those experiences and lessons with me as I move on.




From day one, our parents and guardians have demonstrated that education is a joint venture between the school and home. Our students and the school receive an incredible amount of support from home. During my time here I worked very closely with our Parish, Board of Directors and Parents’ Association and am amazed at the selflessness of our volunteers. They truly do a lot of extras to provide improved opportunities for all of our students at school.




Lastly, and perhaps selfishly, it is our students who I will miss the most. I have been blessed with knowing our students, and they never cease to amaze me! They are creative, energetic, thoughtful, kind and resilient. I am going to miss the students but I know they are in a wonderful situation and are very fortunate to be part of such a fantastic school!




Again, I want to thank you for the support, the understanding and all the wonderful memories that I have of our school over the past 5 years! I will be looking forward to seeing all our students when they move up to St. Boniface Diocesan High School.


Yours in Catholic Education,


Principal: Ms. J. Siska

Please Vote for Holy Ghost Students in the Young Citizens Contest


Congratulations to Olivia L and Ysabelle T for winning Young Citizens Awards at the Red River Heritage Fair for their outstanding projects. After doing so they and 200 other Young Citizens from across Canada were asked to turn their backboard projects into videos. People are now encouraged to vote for their favorite project online by clicking on the 2 links below. 

You may vote once every day between June 13 and July 6, so please vote each and every day day for our students!


The Nursing Sisters: Were They Forgotten? – Ysabelle T


The Vaughan Street Jailhouse - Olivia L 



Also, please share the two links above on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to encourage your family and friends to vote as well. The students need every vote possible! They can't do it without you!


It would be exciting to have our Holy Ghost Students experience a four day trip to attend Canada’s History Forum in Ottawa, as well as meet the Governor General of Canada, and take part in sight-seeing trips in the region, along with other Young Citizens across from Canada. Please vote every day to make this happen!

You may also leave a comment below the video after viewing; the students love reading these comments!


I encourage all the younger students in our school to start thinking about a topic in Canadian History they would like to investigate, so that they too may become a Young Citizen in the future!