ClassroomEvents Notes



Dear Families,

The October Newsletter is full of interesting information.

It has been sent to the email address you have provided to

the school and has been posted here on the Holy Ghost School

website. Please note very important information about:


1) The Annual General Meeting planned for October 18th at 7:00 p.m.

2) News from the Board of Directors and Parents Association

3) The Annual Terry Fox Walk

4) Our French and Music department news

5) Resource ideas

6) Power of One info

7) News from the Gym and Coaches Corner

8) An amazing accomplishment by Adra Barnett, one of our students!

9) Read about Juliana Talosig, our awesome Story Challenge winner.

10) See who showed the best example of Great Manners this month.

11) See who has a birthday in October and enjoy a Thanksgiving puzzle.