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Red River Heritage Fair


Congratulations to the Grade 6 students for representing our school so well at the Red River Heritage Fair at the University of Winnipeg on May 7. The students had a wonderful time observing the hundreds of amazing projects created by grade 4 to 11 students from across Manitoba, participating in several hands-on workshops, interacting with the judges and answering their questions, and meeting students from across the province. Each year the grade 6 students participate in various fun and educational workshops, and this year was awesome, as usual! It was an action packed day, one that we will remember fondly!


All of our students received medals for their wonderful projects. In addition, some of our students were fortunate to receive the following specialty awards:


Specialty Awards


Young Citizen’s Award


Deaf Education in Canada – by Jamelena A


Veteran Project Award


Billy Barker Flying Ace – by Tristan B


Manitoba Social Science Teachers Award


Refugees in Canada – by Alvin G


City of Winnipeg Museum Boards Award


Winnipeg Rifles 1883 – by Neil P


Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Award


James Naismith Invented the Game of Basketball – by Chale P


Dalnavert/ Manitoba Historical Society Project Award


Billy Barker Flying Ace – by Tristan B


Relocate Reggie Award


Reggie Views the Northern Lights with the Polar Bears in Churchill, MB – by Nicole D


Congratulations to all the participating students for their great work! Visit for more info and to prepare for next year’s fair!


Ms. Gentile


Holy Ghost Student Wins Young Citizens Award –


Please Vote for Her On-line!


Congratulations to Jamelena Andrabado for winning one of the Young Citizens Awards at the Red River Heritage Fair on May 7th of this year. Jamelena presented a very interesting and informative project about Deaf Education in Canada. Part of her project included signing the valedictory address her mom presented at the Manitoba School of the Deaf in her graduating year! Her mom later went on to be one of the first deaf graduates from the University of Winnipeg.


Jamelena’s task after winning the award was to create a video of her project, using the Nikon camera she was awarded. Approximately 200 Young Citizens from across Canada will be doing the same thing. Once the videos are completed they will be placed online for public viewing and voting. Online voting to choose the winners of the trips to Ottawa will be open from June 11 to July 5, 2015. This will comprise 50% of the points, and the remaining 50% will be awarded by a panel of judges.


Please go to between June 11 and July 5 and cast your vote for Jamelena’s project about Deaf Education in Canada! Please encourage all your family and friends to vote also! It would be wonderful to have a Holy Ghost student win this award and travel to Ottawa for an amazing five days and to take part in the Ottawa Youth History Forum.


For more information about the Young Citizens Program, visit the website listed above. The following is taken directly from the website:




The Young Citizens program focuses on citizenship and is a complementary component


to the Heritage Fairs, an annual event where students present the results of their research on Canadian heroes, legends and key events in Canadian history. Participants in the Young Citizens program make a short video about their heritage fair topic, much like an evening news report or short documentary. The student videos are posted online and reviewed by a panel of judges for a chance to win a trip to Ottawa to attend the Canada’s History Forum.




Watch a clip about Young Citizens from CBC's The National:




Check out the fun had by the Young Citizens in Ottawa last year:






Ms. Gentile 


May is the month of Mary the Mother of Jesus.  Like a flute that needs our breath to make beautiful music, so Mary allowed the breath of God to flow into her soul and body.  By saying yes to the plan of God, Mary brought to us the most beautiful song of love the world has ever known.  That song was Jesus. 


The rosary is a devotion that is a part of the prayer life of the church.  It comes from the Latin word Rosarium which means rose garden.  So a rosary is a rose garden of prayers that we offer to Jesus through his mother Mary. It has strengthened many to say their Yes to the call of Christ. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us, now and at the hour of our death.  Amen 

With the arrival of the Spring weather, I would like to remind everyone that we have safety at the top of our priority list. Our parking lot is only for staff; therefore, we ask that you not park, pick-up or drop-off in this area. We ask that parents not park in the lane at the back of the school by the small walk-through gate, as this obstructs students view of oncoming traffic.

Yours in Catholic Education,  


Principal: Ms. J. Siska