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The school bell rings at 8:45, please ensure students arrive on-time. 



Overview of the Virtue of Peace


Peace is a goal of all spiritual people. Peace begins within ourselves and is an inner state of well-being and calm. People of peace promote non-violence, practice conflict resolution, and believe in cooperating to solve problems. The root of the Hebrew word for peace, "shalom," means "whole" and points to this twofold meaning: peace within oneself and peace between people.

Practice peace by refusing to participate in violence either directly or indirectly. Try to stay composed no matter how agitated the people around you become. Meet conflict with equanimity. Disarm yourself — lower your guard — as a first step in disarming the world.


Exploring Your Inner Self: Why the virtue of peace might be for you

If you are feeling…

  • Worried, or confused
  • Angry or violent
  • Drained, exhausted
  • Defensive and guarded

Then you may wish to explore the virtue of peace …

  • Peace enhances your energy to face day to day challenges
  • Peace increases inner calm
  • Peace minimizes conflict, discord and aggression
  • Peace enables us to stay grounded and calm under pressure


Your child’s health and maintaining a healthy, and safe school environment is of paramount importance to all of us. If your child has any medical conditions that require important health information to be shared with the school, we ask you to please notify us immediately. We have also sent home an extensive, information package to all families with various forms that will need to be filled in and returned to school. 



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Principal: Ms. J. Siska