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French - Mme J Garland


Our second term of school has come to an end, and Spring Break is quickly approaching!  The Grade 5’s enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Festival du Voyageur in February, and students of all grades have worked diligently to ensure academic success.  FÉLICITATIONS MES AMIS!  Keep up the hard work in Term 3!


MARCH Momentum ~

Grades 1-3:  weather & seasons / spring

Grade 4:  clowns / emotions

Grade 5:  seasonal activities / T-Shirts / letters / presentations

Grade 6:  descriptions / adjectives (Pauvre Alphonse!) continued / RECHERCHÉ posters

Grade 7:  media preferences / presentations

Grade 8:  music preferences / presentations


Merci !

Mme J Garland


“Une langue vous ouvre un couloir pour la vie. Deux langues ouvrent toutes les portes sur le chemin.” ~Frank Smith~

(“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”)