ClassroomEvents Notes




Teacher: Ms Stasiewicz




Last month our students participated in a successful Science Fair.  All of their assignments were well done.  The students were excited about their projects and eagerly handed them in.  Thank you to the parents for their input.  Many parents said they enjoyed working together with their children on the projects.

The students looked forward to the Science Fair and had an enjoyable time visiting other classes and the gym to see other science projects.  They also welcomed visitors to the grade 2 room to view their work.


We have finished our second term at school.  The students worked hard the past few weeks, finishing the second term units of work and studying for tests.


We are now in the Lenten Season and have begun our journey to Easter.  With your child you can talk about the idea of “giving up” something during this time.  We will be discussing the Stations of the Cross later in March.


The First Holy Communion will be on May 6.   There was a meeting regarding the Communion on Saturday, March 10th.  If you missed the meeting and require any information you can contact me at the school. I can also discuss it with you if you are attending the Parent-Teacher conference. The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) will take place the day before at 9:00 a.m., after a rehearsal for the Communion.


Your child will be bringing home some assignments in the next few weeks to prepare them for their Confession and Communion.  As well, a sheet with the 10 Commandments and prayers will be sent home soon.