ClassroomEvents Notes



Grade 3 – Mrs. Srutwa

May News!


  1. Agendas are to be signed nightly.
  2. Book Kits are to be read, signed and returned every Monday.
  3. Tests are also to be signed and returned to school.

Reading:  We are working on a unit titled "Princesses and Peas and Enchanted Trees". Please review the vocabulary lists and read the assigned stories with your child at home.

Math:  We are working on a unit titled "Data Analysis". Please practice 1-10 times tables with your child at home.  Please also continue using IXL.

Science:  We have started working on a unit titled "Soils in the Environment".

Reading Log:  Reading log sheets will be due Wednesday, May 30th, with a goal of at least 15 entries.  Please hand these in on time.