ClassroomEvents Notes





I cannot believe how quickly the past two months have gone by. Time sure flies when you’re working hard and having fun!

In Math, the students have been practicing place value with numbers in the millions. Next, we will be focusing on rounding, estimation and calculation of whole number sums and differences.  In December, we will be exploring 2x2 digit multiplication and 3 digit by 1 digit division.

In Science, we are finishing up our unit on Matter and the students are discussing the impacts that recycling has on our environment as well as how chemical preservatives affect our foods and health.  

In Social studies, we are beginning our unit on Early European Colonization. The students are learning about the first European Explorers and the regions of Canada.  Later this month, the students will be researching various explorers are presenting their findings in class.

Our virtue for November is peacefulness. In religion class we are discussing what it means to be at peace and ways to be more peaceful. We have been praying for peace and for those who have been affected by war. As Remembrance Day approaches we have been discussing the importance of peace and practicing our songs, “In Flanders Fields” and “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream”. The students have also been very busy researching many different Saints and are sharing their information with the class by making power point presentations and dioramas!

In Health, we have finished up our chapter on personal health and well being. Now, we will be learning about body systems such as the digestive system.



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