ClassroomEvents Notes





The Grade 5’s have been busy researching and preparing for the Science Fair which will be held on February 22nd, 2018. They are also finishing up their Unit on the Weather and will be moving on to the Body Systems Unit next.

In Social Studies, we have finished our Explorers Unit and will begin learning about the Fur Trade. The students and I are looking forward to the upcoming field trip to the Festival du Voyageur on February 23rd. Please make sure to dress for the weather!

The students are practicing how to represent division concretely and pictorially. Next, we will move onto estimating while dividing. Once we have completed this Unit we will be moving onto Fractions.

In Religion class, the students are learning about the Sacraments and Everlasting Life. Next we will be reading about Saints and discussing the importance of the Ten Commandments. They will also be creating skits about the virtue of friendliness. During lent, we will be focusing on the Stations of the Cross and the class will be reflecting and praying the Stations of the Cross at the church chapel during Holy Week.

The students are busy continuing to practice various forms of paragraph writing and will be studying poetry writing soon. They continue to practice their handwriting, Grammar and Spelling and have just begun their new novel study, “ The Bridge to Terabithia”.

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