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November News

October flew by in a flash, and it is hard to believe it is already November! Report cards will be going home this month, so we have several tests and assignments to complete in the next few weeks. I look forward to meeting all of the parents at the Parent-Teacher Conferences, and I would like to thank the parents for supporting their children in their schoolwork, for checking and signing the homework agendas, and for encouraging the students to return their tests and notes to school promptly.


During Parent-Teacher Conferences parents often ask what they can do to support their child’s learning. One of the best things parents can do for their children is to model a love and enthusiasm for reading and learning. Being supportive, offering help and encouragement, listening to their children read, helping them proofread their work, quizzing them on math facts and spelling, helping them expand their vocabulary, playing board games together, discussing current events and the news, visiting the library, museums, planetarium, and art gallery.... these are only a few ways that parents can model a love and enthusiasm for learning. Learning truly is a lifelong adventure, and much of our most important learning happens in our families, and beyond the walls of the school. There is so much to explore, so much to discover! Try something new and different, and build memories together as a family! Let’s turn off the television, computer, video games and internet for awhile, and have some real-life experiences and learning adventures that we can discuss with our family, friends, and teachers!


I look forward to meeting all the parents at the Parent-Teacher Interviews this month. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at (204) 582-1053 or email me at


Ms. Gentile 

October News


 Conflict Mediators


The Conflict Mediator's job is to help students solve conflicts on the playground. During their training sessions the conflict mediators learn that: 

  • Conflict is a natural part of life
  • Conflict can be solved in helpful or hurtful ways
  • People know the best solutions to their own problems
  • Mediators help others solve conflict by allowing them to think of their own solutions
  • People have different points of view and can see the same event but experience it in different ways – both persons may be correct – they just have different perspectives
  • When disputants are helped to understand the whole story of the conflict they will be able to think of a solution that best suits them
  • Solutions work best when those with the problem generate them so they can learn to problem solve and so that they can take responsibility for the solution


It is our hope that by going through the mediation process, and learning to think of their own solutions to conflicts, that our students will learn to see conflicts from the other person’s point of view, and learn to use a calm and fair method to solve conflicts.


Through the conflict mediation program we hope to see an improvement in problem solving skills, empathy, and cooperation. As well we expect to see a reduction in blaming, criticizing, and retaliation when conflicts arise. This will be a skill students will find valuable their entire lives, because conflicts often occur when two people see the same situation in different ways.



Have a Great Day!


  1. Think Safety at ALL Times and in ALL Situations:


           - Slow down on the playground 


           - Watch out for the other children on the playground


           - Think of possible consequences before you act


           - Work and play in a safe manner



  2. Be a Friend to All:


           - Include everyone in games  


           - Use kind and respectful language


           - Offer encouragement and support to others


           - Give others a sincere compliment to brighten their day



3. Complete Homework & Projects on Time and with Full Details & Creativity:


            - Plan ahead and give yourself enough time


            - Do homework and projects in a quiet area at the same time each day


            - Ask for help if you are having difficulties


            - Do complete, detailed and creative work – always do your best!



4. Be Neat and Organized:


             - Remember that being organized saves time and minimizes frustration


             - Keep your notebooks, desk, book-bag, locker and classroom neat and tidy

How To Raise a Reader

Great suggestions on helping your child to develop a of life-long love of reading!



June News 


I Think First Contest Winners

Congratulations to the entire Grade 6 class for being chosen as one of the Top Three Classrooms from across Canada for their posters, comic strips, stories, and photographs entered in this Canada-wide safety contest. They did a great job encouraging everyone to Think First and follow simple safety procedures before participating in activities that could result in spinal cord, brain, or other injuries.

For their persuasive and creative efforts we were awarded a $500 dollar Amazon gift card to be used to buy supplies or equipment for the Grade 6 classroom! As well, each member of the classroom received a bicycle helmet to protect themselves while riding their bikes this summer!

In addition, the following students won two of the Top Five Individual Awards. They each received a $200 Amazon gift card:

  • Colyn J. – Poster
  • Serena S. – Comic Strip

Please visit  to view the winning entries.

Also visit for additional information.

We would like to thank Parachute Canada for sponsoring this contest and providing a class set of helmets, and Amazon for providing the $900 worth of gift cards. Also thank you to the Grade 6 students for their outstanding work!



Manitoba Burn Awareness Poster Contest Winners

In recognition of Burn Awareness Week the Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Manitoba Firefighters’ Burn Fund invited students to submit original artwork featuring fire and burn prevention safety messages.

Our grade 6 students created many informative posters on such topics such as:

  • Preventing scalds and burns in the kitchen
  • Proper use of smoke alarms
  • Planning a home fire escape
  • Preventing fires when cooking
  • Stop, Drop and Roll (what to do if your clothes catch on fire)
  • Calling 911 in a fire emergency
  • The importance of completely putting out camp fires
  • Reminding children not to play with matches/ keeping matches away from kids

All of the students did a wonderful job illustrating these ideas. We had four distinguished visitors come to our school to present the prizes (two fire fighters, an emergency services worker, and representative from the Office of the Fire Commissioner). We are proud to announce the following:

1st Place in Manitoba - Emilia P.

Honorable Mention - Samanta M.

Emilia received an iPod Touch, and framed copy of her artwork, Samanta and Emilia received framed certificates, the classroom teacher was awarded $300 dollars for the classroom, and as well the entire class received several prizes (piggy banks, bracelets, and pencils).

To view the winning posters go to:

Congratulations to Emilia, Samanta, and the entire Grade 6 class for using their wonderful artwork to educate people about fire safety! The winning posters will be used in pamphlets, brochures and other publications.

A big thank you goes out to the four visitors who came to our classroom to deliver the prizes and congratulate the students - representatives of the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Manitoba Firefighters’ Burn Fund. Your work in educating students is very important, and most appreciated!


Dinner Reception at Government House with Lieutenant Governor

Several of our Grade 6 students received invitations to an Award Reception at Government House for their excellent work at the Red River Heritage Fair. As we drove up the circular driveway, we admired beautiful Government House and the lovely, manicured grounds and gardens. We then entered a reception room where we signed the official Guest Book.

After a short time each of us entered a reception line where we were personally introduced to the Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Janice Filmon. She spoke individually with each one of us as we had our picture taken, and that is when we first realized how warm and down to earth she was, not stuffy at all!

Next we proceeded to a room set up with refreshments and we took our seats for the speeches and awards. We were all so impressed with the genuine appreciation the Lieutenant Governor expressed in her speech to the students for their wonderful work, to the parents for their support, and to the teachers for their guidance and care.

Next came more pictures with the Lieutenant Governor, as we enjoyed refreshments of wine and spirits (for adults) and fruit punch (for students). After that we proceeded to another grand room for the buffet dinner where we enjoyed many wonderful foods and delicious treats.

We admired the beautiful house, furnishings, paintings and decorations. We had time to mingle and talk with the other guests and the Lieutenant Governor. We found out that she loved kids, had several grandchildren, she greatly appreciated history, and was personally interested in all of our projects. She had a wonderful sense of humour, and a great love for people, which made the time fly by!

This was an evening we all will remember, made so special by the warmth, empathy, and humour of our wonderful Lieutenant Governor! A big thank you goes out to the Lieutenant Governor and her staff for making our evening fantastic! A big thank you, as well, to the Red River Heritage Fair Committee for making the Heritage Fair and this special evening possible.

For photos and more info about the Red River Heritage Fair visit



Young Citizens Video Challenge - Everyone Please Vote Online 


Thank you to everyone who voted for our students. We are now awaiting the results!


Anna Mhira A. - Viola Desmond: Fight for What is Right


Josh C. - #RielHero


Mischa G. - The History & Evolution of Portage and Main


Jasnoor G. – The Edmonton Grads: World's Most Winning Team


Scarlett M. – Roberta Bondar: First Canadian Woman in Space


Red River Heritage Fair


The Grade 6 students researched diligently and created some very interesting Heritage Fair Projects this year. Their hard work paid off because the class had great fun listening to and viewing the entertaining and informative presentations of their fellow classmates. The Grade 4 and 5 classrooms, as well as Mrs. Chabluk, were invited to attend, and they were very impressed by the presentations. The Grade 6’s enthusiastically answered many questions and listened to comments and feedback. It was a great learning experience for all!


The top projects then proceeded to the Red River Heritage Fair on May 3. The students participated in fun and educational workshops, joined in the lively heritage dancing at lunchtime, and answered a myriad of judges’ questions. It was an action-packed day enjoyed by all!


All of our students who entered the fair received medals and certificates for their projects, and as well we were excited to receive the Most Enthusiastic School Award, presented by The Friends of the Dalnavert Museum. We received a free field trip for the entire class to the Dalnavert Museum, as well as a $125 McNally Robinson gift certificate for the school library.  


In addition, several students won Specialty Awards. These students received additional prizes and certificates and are invited to a special dinner reception with the Lieutenant Governor, of Manitoba at Government House on June 6.


Heritage Winnipeg AwardThe History & Evolution of Portage and Main – Mischa G.


Heritage Winnipeg AwardThe Forks History – Ergon G. & Rusell P.


IQmetrix Award (MB Association of Computing Educators) - #RielHero – Joshua C.


Canadian Experiences: Second World War AwardJuno Beach: D Day – Colyn J.


Manitoba Historical Society AwardThe History & Evolution of Portage and Main – Mischa G.


Manitoba Museum AwardImmigration: A One Way Ticket to Canada – Serena S.


Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame AwardThe Edmonton Grads – Jasnoor G.


MB Genealogical Society Family History AwardImmigration: A One Way Ticket to Canada – Serena S.


Veteran AwardValour Road – Patrick B. & Rylie D.



Not all the projects were able to win specialty awards, some because they did not fit those special categories. However, these projects were just as excellent as the preceeding. So congratulations to the other students selected to attend the fair as well:

Harriet Tubman – Ria S.


Polar Bear and Northern Lights – Emilia P.


Roberta Bondar: Canada’s First Woman in Space – Scarlett M.


Viola Desmond: Fight for What is Right – Anna Mhira A.


Congratulations to each student in the class who created and presented terrific projects! You have improved your research, communication, and presentation skills throughout the year. As well, you have demonstrated great creativity and enthusiasm. We are proud of you all.



McNally Robinson Grade 5-6 Writing Contest

I Have Always Wanted to...


Congratulations to Daniel C. in grade 6 for being chosen as the First Place Winner in this writing contest! The theme was “I have always wanted to...”  go into space, swim in the sea, climb a mountain, go back into the past, etc! Submissions were required to be 500-1000 words, and could be fiction or non-fiction. The special guest judge was Vikki VanSickle, author of the acclaimed Clarissa books, including Words that Start with B, and Days that End in Y. Her latest novel is The Winnowing.  


The Awards Ceremony was held Thursday, May 10, at McNally Robinson at Grant Park, with celebrity judge Vikki VanSickle. Friends and classmates were invited to attend. Daniel received a $75 dollar gift certificate and bag filled with exciting books, while Ms. Gentile received books for her classroom. The ceremony was a lot of fun, the cookies and juice were delicious, and the stories were fantastic! Thank you to McNally Robinson and Scholastic Canada for sponsoring this contest and for the terrific prizes. Congratulations, Daniel, on your imaginative and exciting story! 


 Ms. Gentile